Feel better. Be stronger. Move freely.

Welcome to Core Movement Pilates + Yoga Studio in Bend, Oregon, where people of all fitness levels meet to build and create mobility, flexibility and stability. Come see how Pilates or yoga, or both, can change your body and your life.

Whether you are experienced in Pilates or yoga, or trying them out for the first time, at Core Movement Pilates + Yoga Studio, with consistent work, you will see changes and feel better in your body.

Core Movement Studio established in 1997

Conni Ramsey, owner of Core Movement Pilates + Yoga Studio, introduced Bend, Oregon to its first Pilates studio in 1997. The studio offers a warm, inviting and low-key environment where clients receive Conni's hands-on training, guidance and support. And where clients can experience the benefits of both Pilates and yoga.

Don't get lost in the crowd in a big Pilates or yoga studio. Come experience the Core Movement difference!



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