Bend, Oregon's Pilates & Yoga Studio

At Core Movement Pilates + Yoga Studio in Bend, Oregon, you will experience Pilates and yoga in an inviting and private boutique setting. Conni's home-based studio is a favorite of clients who value the individual and small group sessions without the distractions of a large public studio. Your workout will be tailored to your needs and abilities in the confidential environment of Conni's own studio.

A variety of equipment

Conni’s home-based studio offers a variety of equipment from Balanced Body, including Reformers, a Cadillac, Wunda chairs, ladder barrels, step barrels, and wall units. In addition, she incorporates mats, balance balls, magic circles and a variety of other tools to accommodate both yoga and Pilates and every level of fitness and goals.

A fundamentals background in Pilates and yoga

Conni applies her corrective therapy and fundamentals background to developing new ways of using Pilates equipment and teaching mat work classes. In all cases, she emphasizes form, organization of the skeletal system, and safety and results.

What is the Core Movement Concept?

The Core Movement concept infuses Pilates, yoga and other disciplines, as well as today’s understanding of anatomy and exercise.

The Core Movement concept incorporates:

• The core exercises developed by Joseph Pilates

• Yoga poses and fundamentals based in the tradition of Hatha yoga, including pranayama, breath work and meditation.

• Personalized attention in a fun and relaxing atmosphere

• Emphasis on precise form, safety and results

• Variety in every session – no cookie cutter routines

• Understanding of anatomy and kinesiology corrective therapy

• Workouts tailored to the individual’s ability

• Affordable rates and convenient schedules